Scene – One

One – Fall

She collapsed

from her seat,
eyes rolling back,
body rigid

drifting from reality.

He caught her in record time
before her soft skin could plummet
the hard unforgiving ground.

He panics,
calls her name
once, twice…dozen
before coming to his senses,
reaches in his pocket for his phone.


The hospital,
still unconscious,
she clutches his hand
unseemly ready to not let go.

He smiles
brushing a hand across her flushed face.
The grip lessens
her eyes open.
She smiles
as if she’s seeing him for the first time.

“Wow! You’re like a painting.”
She exclaims drowsily.
He chuckles, kisses the back of her hand.
“You’re amazing.”
He compliments before pulling back.

“What’s your name?”
she asks him, lackluster.
He peers at her, confused, concerned.
“You don’t know my name?”

She smiles coyly.
“Tell me again, please?”

He laughs and whispers his name in her ear.
Pulling away, she pulls him against her fatigued body.
He peels back just a little and gazes into her wide black eyes.
She sighs, her breath fanning across his face.

“Lay next to me,”
she says next.
He nods and falls quietly into the space made for him.

They lay in silence,
chirps of the machines
the busy hospital hallway
keeps them from drifting into a comfortable sleep.
She lays her head on the crevice of his neck and shoulder
inhales the scents of him.

“Thank you,” she murmurs.
He turns quickly to look at her.
Gray meets black.
His smile never wavers.

She kisses him quickly.
Caught in the clutches of surprise
he gawks at her.
As she pulls in for another, she giggles.

He returns it with a captured sigh.

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