allow the soul to flourish
the heart to heal

It isn’t working…

…maybe never has

+ Back home

to the motherland
learn to be free
to be happy,

+ Let that friend go

no matter how much I miss you
how much certain memories remind me of you

+ The new job

A new career

+ Not texting my ex back
no matter how many times he sends me kissy faces when I post a new picture

+ Learning that even if that person is family they can hurt you in unredeemable ways,

burn that bridge


+Family – mum, Sita, Brother.

+Mini getaways
+ black to pastel pink hair
+ detached affections

Still stuck…

in a city determined to brand my color, a statistic

a country that isn’t my own

in a house that reminds of heartbreak

behind a computer pouring my heart out

Stuck in an office

In my mind

in a loop…


My soul refuses to flourish/my self-universe remains tarnished by pain and sadness

My heart refuses to heal/my loneliness seeking love in brokenness and insecurities



A recurring oblivion.

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