Your Guide to Surviving Spring Break in Cancun


I know y’all thinking I’m crazy because it’s only October but time goes by fast!

Start planning as soon as possible because it will save you a lot of time and money. This post will give you a few tips on how to make the most of your spring break without the stress.

Prepping for Spring Break

  1. Absolutely make sure you have your travel documents packed!

  2. Contact your bank to put a travel notice on your credit and debit cards.

  3. Contact your phone carrier to find out about their international policy on call, text and data use!!! This is very critical.

  4. In terms of packing clothes…be practical. Think about what you plan to do for the week and plan accordingly. And remember it is only for a week so do not pack too much.


Finding hotels in Cancun isn’t difficult at all. You don’t have to be afraid of not being close to the hot spots because all the hotels are on the same strip.

  1. When looking into hotels find out ALL details in the “all inclusive package”. I say this because my friends and I stayed at the Occidental Tucancun Hotel Spring break ’18 and although our hotel said “all inclusive” we didn’t have access to wi-fi. We had to pay an additional fee every day for the duration of our stay.

  2. Opt for an “all-inclusive package” that includes flight so you’re not overwhelmed. My trip cost about 1,100 dollars for hotel and flight.

  3. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY STAY AWAY FROM THE GRAND OASIS!!! It’s not worth your money. The hotel is very run down even though it’s advertised as a “hot-spot” for Spring breakers. It is also expensive compared to some of the other hotels out there.

Cash, Credit Cards and Banks

  1. DO NOT! I REPEAT, DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MONEY INTO PESOS AT THE AIRPORT!!!! Trust me on this. If you are going to, change just about 20-40 dollars (or equivalent in your currency) for the bus. Other than that dollars are accepted and preferred wherever you go. You will often get charged more if you pay in pesos.

  2. As far as credit cards go, only MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted. Using anything else will leave you stranded unless you go to my friend Mario to help you out. He takes every credit card. I’ll talk more about how to get in contact with him in the attractions/activities section.

  3. For banks, the main one was Santander, so if you bank with Santander, you are all set!


  1. When it comes to transportation you have two options, the bus or a taxi. Buses are generally cheaper than taxis. The bus fares during my stay was 17 pesos. DO NOT PAY ANYMORE THAN THAT!! If anyone tells you differently and you aren’t sure, look above the window on the driver’s side there should be the prices listed in pesos. Make sure you ask for your change back if you don’t have the exact amount or they will keep it.

  2. If you prefer to take a taxi, I recommend traveling as a group of 4 (legally they won’t allow any more than this number). I paid about 12 dollars for a 5-mile trip once but that was in the morning. At night, prices are almost doubled because everyone is going out. On a typical night out, I paid about 10 dollars for a 2-3 mile trip.


  1. When going clubbing make sure to buy a wristband the morning before. They are usually cheaper than buying them at the door. Tickets can be bought online, by calling the club or buying from the people who sell tickets. My friend Mario can get you hooked up with this. I will talk more about him in the attractions/activities section.

  2. Most clubs in Cancun are open-bar, for a decent price. Be warned – this open bar deal is for off-brand alcohol. Brand name alcohol has a set price in the club. Also, the shots you get in the club are very small. Picture the cup you use to take cough syrup, it’s about that size.

  3. As far as what club to go to you don’t really have to decide on one because they are all on the same street. The cost range is between 35 dollars to 60 dollars.

Flea Market

  1. Flea Markets are your go-to if you want to leave Cancun with beautiful souvenirs.

  2. Be wary of being overcharged for items. The way trade works in the flea markets are reasonable.

  3. No price is actually set in stone. Always bargain for a cheaper price. If you can’t get it for a cheaper price keep looking around the flea market. Chances are you will find the same item in a different shop for a different price.

  4. Always check every shop before deciding to buy an item.


There are so many things to do in Cancun I kid you not! However where to go for the best deals on these attractions/activities can be a bit tricky. Lucky for y’all I made some connections in Cancun for this. My friend Mario runs a shop that primarily deals with attractions/activities. He usually has deals where you can bundle activities together for a discount. Below is his website to see exactly what attractions/activities there are available and what discounts.

The website is in Spanish but if you do not understand it just contact him directly on Whatsapp for help. He is very fluent in English.


Whatsapp: +521992213246

Challenge: Create a spring break bucket list before going!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!
IG: @xx_mamasita_xx
Email: [email protected]

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