10 things to do w/your one true love, YOURSELF, on Valentines Day.

I usually spend Valentine’s day like the every day it is. But this year is different every day for me.

I am dating a boy…

Yaaayy!*cue fireworks* “it finally happened”, says my sister.

but he lives about 4000 miles by plane (roughly 6500 km) from me. Regardless, valentine’s day would be just another day in my life.

Nonetheless, Valentine’s day is a day of love and what better way to celebrate it than by showing yourself some love.

Here are 10 things tips on how to celebrate St. Valentine’s day whether it is with your booski or not.

  1. Galentine’s day
    • Spend the day with your girlfriend(s).
    • Have a low-key night with some wine and Netflix at home or go out drinking (winery or a bar). If you opt for going out clubbing – V day falls on a Friday so it is the perfect day.
    • Go see a movie – 100% recommend The Photograph.
  1. Shopping: If you’re like me and don’t like to physically shop, shop online. Buy yourself some lingerie on Savage x Fenty (not sponsored 🙁 ). If you actually do go out for shopping, skincare products are always a good self-care gift, go try on some lingerie at Victoria Secret.
    • Buy yourself something you’ve been dying to get. V’day sales are actually quite good. This year I got myself perfume (even though I got a gift from Amsterdam bae).
  1. Take a nice relaxing bath
    • Feb 14 is the start of the weekend and is the perfect way to unwind from a hectic week of work. Bubble bath with british rose, peppermint and sage salts, a nice candle you love. Decorate the bath with this tray and your favorite flowers. 
  1. Take some pictures #bossbabe
    • I am a sucker for a good self-portrait – no I don’t mean selfies, actually set up a camera/phone, wear your favorite fit or something v’ day themed (wink wink), some mood lighting and snap. It is a great way to embolden your self-confidence and love for yourself. 
  1. Write yourself a love letter
    • It’s great to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am beautiful”. It’s an even better feeling to write yourself a love letter. It may seem silly at the moment but years later or when you’re feeling down, you can pick it up and remind yourself how much you cherish all the things about you.
    • I challenge you to write 50 things I love about myself list!
  1. Change your hair – if you’re like me and you change your hair whenever the mood strikes, this is the perfect mood for it. 
  1. Go to a local flower shop and get yourself a nice bouquet. If you like plants and/or flowers, get yourself a dozen roses or a cute plant you can’t kill. 
  1. Can’t ever go wrong with a movie marathon. And, change it up. Watch an action movie or a thriller to keep your blood pumping instead of tearing up per usual after your favorite ROM/com. Or marathon all the Disney movies, cause why the hell not. 
  1. For all the long-distance relationships out there, send your lover a care package – something he/she/they are dying for. It will show them how you appreciate them or pay attention to the things they like.

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