Hello! My name is Durga.

Welcome to The Melanated Lifestyle. 

The name may veer you from what it actually stands for but The Melanated Lifestyle is not geared for people only with the color of my skin but to all with the likeness of my heart and mind.

Hence…It’s Beyond Skin Deep.

Being a native of West Africa with the name of a Hindu goddess, living in a country crowned opportunity, I should somehow have my life together but I am completely lost. My story may be similar to yours – a twenty-something college graduate, unsure of what path to take with her degree and/or career, hopelessly in love with writing and traveling – trying to find her place in the world of social media, trying to find her voice in the world of too many voices.

What I do…well I’m still in the process of sorting that out. So here is a list of titles that speak to what I do.

TML Founder + Content Creator

After many years of talking about creating a platform to fully express my self, due to years of constant insecurities and self-doubt, a blog was born. The Melanated Lifestyle started as a platform to help me hone in my writing craft but as I grew into my creative niche, I wanted more than just my writing. I wanted a space for self-expression, self-love, colorful lifestyle, Afrocentrism…etc


I love to write but my muse has been a little evasive lately. *Sigh* It’s been about 3 years now, muse, come on!! Anyway, I do dabble in romanticizing the ordinary – prose and poetry. I also dabble with erotic literature. Blogging became a way to express “ the self beyond my self”. After much convincing from friends and family, I’ve come to love showing others the craze within my mind.

Thank you for your interest in the person behind this blog!