About Durga

Ah! Where do I even begin… 

I am a millennial girl who recently decided to change the channel in my life. I spent too much of my time worrying about how to make money, how to please my parents, how to live a perfect, how to…to many damn how to’s and not enough actually DOING! 

Hi, I’m Durga and I am a Ghanaian native based in Connecticut, USA.

I am libra – sun sign, moon sign, rising sign.

I am a lover of travel  *recent travel links* 

I can focus on moving and grad school and also content creation…hence this lovely blog right here. 

I will continue to share diary entry worth moments on my website, if you have any specific or random questions about who am I or what I am currently up to, shoot my message on my contact page or a PM on Instagram. I live for interactions!  

The Life of Durga